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  • Our Dream Mission Takes Flight with UK Games Fund and an Industry Giant

    We’re thrilled to announce that Unseen Diplomacy 2, our innovative VR spy game, has secured funding from both the UK Games Fund and a leading VR industry company (name withheld for now)! This dream mission is finally taking flight, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the news with our community. This funding validates our vision for Unseen Diplomacy… read more

  • Prototype Complete!

    We’re happy to announce that Unseen Diplomacy 2’s technical prototype is complete, and that we’ll be using this along with our shiny pitch deck to pitch to publishers for funding for the full game. It’s been an incredibly busy year of pre-production, with a LOT of hard technical challanges we’ve overcome. We’re super happy with our art style, with the… read more

  • Pitch Development Update

    We’ve had some incredible support from local development grants over the past couple of years. They have allowed us to develop a polished pitch presentation for Unseen Diplomacy 2, and a technical demo to start to show publishers and go for national grants.

  • DevBlog Begins!

    Greetings Agent. Agents such as yourself and others across the world have been filling in our player survey and we’ve had a great response! It’s super useful for us to figure out what direction UD2 should be going in. We’re keeping the survey open for another week, but one thing is already very clear – players’ primary platforms are HTC… read more

  • Welcome Back Agent

    Unseen Diplomacy 2 is coming and is being made right now! Our first game was exceptionally popular, won us a lot of praise, and has some great fans like you. We believe that there’s ‘legs’ in the gameplay so we are making the sequel!   The original Unseen Diplomacy was created for a one week event in October 2015, and… read more