Pitch Development Update

We’ve had some incredible support from local development grants over the past couple of years. They have allowed us to develop a polished pitch presentation for Unseen Diplomacy 2, and a technical demo to start to show publishers and go for national grants.

In 2019 we were able to focus on research and technical experimentation and prototyping thanks to South West Creative Technology Network. They allowed us time to concept and create our core tech to allow us to start development. Without it we wouldn’t have been able to start Unseen Diplomacy 2 at all. 

In 2021 the Screen Growth Fund by Cultivator Cornwall had a massive impact on our business. The fund has helped towards 80% of the costs of talking on freelance artists. We’ve been able to develop an art style and a polished pitch presentation which are critical to moving forward.

The Kickstart Scheme via Real Ideas allowed us to take on another designer part time. That designer has been integrating much of the art and code being created, roll it out to the whole game, mark up things correctly, test ideas out, and do some valuable QA/testing.

Acceleration Through Innovation are allowing us to prototype and test really risky systems and ideas, their fund is allowing us to create some technical innovations around VR character interactions and better tools for that which we hope will be part of Technie Tools and on the Asset Store soon. Not directly for the game as such but it’s much needed technology which we wanted to develop to use in Unseen Diplomacy 2 and beyond.

What Next

With these funds we’ve been able to create a strong pitch and technical prototype which have come together to allow us to win our first national grant. UK Games Fund is going to allow us to bring together a fun demo of gameplay to pitch to publishers – which in tern we hope will lead to a full project budget being found! 

We’ve had an incredibly productive year, all things considered with lockdowns, doing contracting on the side etc. Now we can really focus for the next few months. Thank you all so much for the support.