New Working Circuitry

We hope everyone is keeping well, it’s been a very busy few months at Triangular Pixels with having to look after the baby Pixel full time (current situation and all). We’ve had to focus on a lot of design documents; from new gadgets and gameplay, to working out our production schedule and budgets. We’ve feeling pretty organised at the moment. 

But we’ve also been working on prototyping new gameplay – working electronic circuitry.

Circuits were pretty dumb in the original Unseen Diplomacy. I had to manually put down small wire pieces and connect them all up. The biggest limitation was only two things could be connected to each other. We would have a Switch which would magically power a Door, and nothing in between. It wasn’t much of a puzzle.

Picture of Unseen Diplomacy 1, with a keycard being put into a reader and a red wire coming from that to a door.

In Unseen Diplomacy 2 we wanted you to have to feel like you’re really hacking and having to think. For that we have prototyped and created working circuits. You will occasionally find a junction box in a room which will have buttons, doors, lasers, and all sorts of new threats connected to it. 

So this week we thought it’ll be great to show you our progress as they are looking rather nice!

Multiple multi-coloured microchip circuits

You can also now see how we can make some pretty hard challenges and some really interesting gameplay. Much more fun than the original. 

We’re still hard at work on the gadgets, tooling and content for our circuits. Keep checking back here on our blog, or on our Discord!